Why Music Together®?                                                                                                   

Mostly because it's fun and the whole family & you can all do it ‘TOGETHER’ in and out of class without glowing screens. And also because 98% of all humans are born with enough potential at birth to be competent singers and dancers. That potential goes away so you need to provide your children with the chance to be musical early in life. Also, research suggests that at least a year of Music Together supports ALL future learning. But this last factor is only an added bonus. Music Together is not just fun, it is a well-thought-out, ongoing research-based, educationally sound approach to music learning.


What do I get for my tuition? 

Only the best this city has to offer!  

Dynamic Classes taught by highly trained music specialists. Take home curriculum materials will continue to educate and support even older children or adults who aren't in class) your whole family's musical growth:

  • 2 Professionally Recorded CDs with unlimited downloads to any device.
  • Semester Songbook chok a blok with activities, parent education + more
  • Lifetime Access Code to the online Family Music Zone
  • Unlimited Makeup Classes
  • Hello Everybody App: record home karaoke videos & practice reading skills WITH family (not family members staring at their own personal 'glowing box' without interacting).
  • Exceptional customer service 
  • The most fun activity for your WHOLE family.
You will not beat this value for around $75 a month. 

How do I compare Music Together with other musical programs? 

Compare and contrast Music Together with what you want for your family and local programming choices.


"I can't carry a tune in a bucket" or "I've got left feet" so I'll wait until my child is in kindergarten. 

If you think it’s a talent to sing and dance, you’re mistaken. Being musical is a value. No matter what you think of your own ability, YOU (and major caregivers) are the only one to give over any value system. If your child loves music and moving then bond with them that way. If you wait you lose out on supporting neural aptitude.

Music Together is not just a once a week activity. It is a semester of learning that builds from week to week, and semester to semester. With a curriculum based research, Music Together Dallas will aid your family in all future learning. At home, in the car, at the grandparents’ house, Music Together Dallas will involve the whole family with the CDs, Songbook, Hello Everybody App & Family Fun Zone. The songs and the education will be with your family long after your child has aged out of our classes.


Do you do the same songs every week? 

No, that would be boring! Music Together provides each family with a CD and songbook for the semester.  And, whether they know it or not, whoever is in the class is exposed to a complete ‘ear buffet’ of every musical element. Like any language, immersion is the only way to really learn it. Formally teaching a language doesn’t achieve any long-lasting goals. 


What happens if I miss a class? 

Brilliant question! We have the most generous makeup policy you will find! If you can’t make your class, schedule a makeup class. Never ever miss a class. On top of that deal, if you don’t have any makeup classes in your bank and there are open slots on a day you need an extra experience - take an extra makeup

For more questions for make-up classes: Makeup Class FAQs


What do we do if a class is cancelled?

If we have to postpone for some unexpected reason (power outage, weather) , we will email the class participants and call everyone who doesn't respond to our email within a short amount of time. When a postponement occurs, we tack the missed class on to the end of the semester so you don't miss a class.


Is it OK for more than one adult to come to class?

Both or either parent, grandparents or caregivers are welcome to attend class at any time – no need to ask. Whole family music making in your home is extremely valuable to your child's musical development, and attending class occasionally helps the other family members to join in at home.