Annual Tuition

Register once a year for Music Together® Dallas  


Sing, dance, keep the music flowing !

How does it work?

Register once for the whole year - or four semesters

Pick and keep your favorite time slot all year 

Pay an annual tuition of $900 over three months. Each additional sibling is $660 

What are the perks and benefits?

No need to register every semester 

Your tuition is locked in! Once you subscribe, your tuition will never go up, as long as you continue your annual membership

You are guaranteed your 1st choice of class time every semester

8 FREE guest / sibling passes passes ($160 value)

10% off any instrument, CD or books during the year and 20% off at Christmas time

Four free tickets to our annual our concert/disco party

20% off any musical birthday party 


How can I sign up 

Contact customer service at


Terms and conditions:

Music Together Dallas will offer annual tuition for a price of $900/child. Additional children in each family may enroll simultaneously for $660. Membership payments are to be paid in three installments and are non-refundable. Members will receive one full year of enrollment in the Music Together Dallas classes of their choice. Members may secure their preferred time and location at the time of registration and will have first claim to these class times during the entire year. Members may shift to a new time, location or instructor at any time if space is available. If an annual member wishes to skip the summer semester, they may transfer one semester credit to the fall semester by offering notice 30 days in advance of the summer semester. Once registered, annual tuition rates shall not rise above $900 for a first child or $660 per additional sibling for as long as a child is enrolled in the program. Members will receive special consideration including all of the benefits listed in the “Perks and Benefits” section, as well as any other benefits MTD may add at some future time.