Uncle Gerry Concert

 Sing-along with Uncle Gerry 2016, Tiferet Israel

Miss Gila's Welcome Speech - Sunday, May 1st, 2016

WOW!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...

To our special musical family.  Look around you.  All of you here today are extraordinary for making low key, no expectation movement & music making a part of your daily lives. 

We are also here today to remember and honor Joel Shickman, who was taken from this life far too early, leaving behind a loving wife and 3 young sons.  Joel, only 40 days older than me, attended the same Music Together® teacher training as I did in 2001 and subsequently we were both employed at a little company called Music Together Dallas.  I have lots of Mr. Joel memories, but my favorite is of him lying on his back and playing the lullaby on his guitar, while preschoolers climbed all over him and "helped" him strum.  I watched that Pure Joy from the door, unbeknown to anyone in that room, that their natural music making moment really isn't so natural in this day and age of technology & racing.

Joel's funeral was the same time that I purchased that same little company called Music Together Dallas.  For a year we prayed with our whole heart that he would beat this test and when his closest friends and family were saying goodbye, I made a mental promise to keep his memory alive.  Shortly after and with a blessing from his wife Heather, The Joel Shickman Children's Music Fund was created.  Some of Joel's passions were children and music making.  Today we have given 100's of Music Together scholarships away to the most special of children who have their own tests to battle.

In my not-so-humble-opinion, the Music Together curriculum is essential for every child, birth through 7.  I dream of offering it for FREE to everyone, but till then, I am thrilled that this fund exists.  Stand by for the announcement that The Joel Shickman Children's Music Fund will be offered nationally VERY soon.

To support this fund and get something in return too, please purchase raffle tickets or an event upgrade.  Volunteers are in the audience right now and you can get in on the fun and good deed right now.

In closing, you have to know that you families all stand out in this cuckoo world of ours.  Enjoy our sing along, be mindful and appreciative of every second, hug, squeeze and sing like you're in the shower with NO expectations.  I know I will.

I love you! - Miss Gila, 2016 


THANK YOU TO OUR EVENT AMBASSADORS - Lorenzo Escobar & Family - Dr. Michelle Kravitz - Allison Lien - Michelle Ederi - Ellen Connor - Marcela Rhoads - Emily Morgenstern - Molly Bunker - Tiffany Meyer - Delonda Montgomery - Amy Zuniga - Lesley Berg - Shelley Putnam - Lori Reyes - Angela Webster - Stephanie Brehm -Soli Mercado - Lynne Howard - Laura Spradley - Michelle Feinberg - Susan Armijo at Centre for Dance - Neil Moseley at White Rock UMC - Kirt Hathaway at Hathaway Academy of Dance - Jennifer Williams at Tiferet Israel




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