Music Together® Information

Thank you for taking the time to research Music Together!  45 minutes is not nearly enough time for your teacher to express the magic that comes with enrollment due to the deep learning and bonding that innately occurs over time. Use this document to compare and contrast your research with what you want for your family and local programming choices.


Music Together is:

  • A Researched music and movement curriculum taught in more than 45 countries.
  • Specific studies on the Music Together curriculum suggest classes will cumulatively support ‘All Future Learning’ for children 0 - 7.
  • Parent Education is a vital component of Music Together.  Learn how to:
  • Track your child’s rhythmic and tonal development  
  • Notice and track your own rhythmic and tonal growth too  
  • Understand different learning styles and how to parent each one
  • Learn, deepen awareness & practice parenting techniqes in real time together with real caregivers who are in the same boat as you.
  • Not a playgroup. We don’t entertain children while parents socialize.
  • A multi cultural, tonal, rhythmic, age range, social experience that happens to be a deeply bonding 1 on 1 at the very same time.
  • Non Performance oriented and Mixed aged classes which means:  
  • Allowing your children to deduct and interact with all ages and developments in a safe and non- judgmental learning environment. This is a tough find in our community.
  • Older children hone confidence and leadership skills by playing and not being formally taught how to act with confidence and lead.
  • Younger children hone social, motor, language by socializing and watching older children.
  • Streamlining age prevents exposure to many social, developmental & cognitive experiences.
  • Some children are more competent music makers than adults. Some younger children are more competent than older children.
  • You can do Music Together with your whole family
  • Great way to meet like-minded parents who value quality programming
  • Community events and learning continues outside class and will cumulatively change your life.