Music Together® Dallas Demo

Thank you for taking the time to demo Music Together.  A 45 minute class is not nearly enough time for your teacher to express the magic that comes with enrollment.  Use this checklist to compare and contrast your experience today with what you want for your family and local programming choices.


Music Together is:

  • A researched music and movement curriculum taught in 45 countries.

  • Not a playgroup.  We don’t entertain children while parents socialize.

  • Priceless for parents and caregivers who learn ongoing parenting techniques and early childhood behavior.  

  • A language immersion class.  Singing in key and dancing with accurate rhythm are languages and not talents.  These are skills best supported from 23 weeks in utero through 5 years old.

  • A weekly class and more take home materials than most can even use, to expose EVERYONE to ALL the elements of music.

  • A multicultural, tonal, rhythmic, mixed-age, social experience that is also a deeply bonding one-on-one experience at the very same time.

  • Non-performance oriented and mixed age classes mean:

    • Some children are more competent music makers than adults based on exposure to rich musical input.  Some younger children are more competent than older children.  

    • Exposure to more social, developmental & cognitive experiences than any preschool environment.

    • Allowing your children to deduct and interact with all ages and developments in a safe and non judgmental learning environment.  

    • Older children hone confidence and leadership skills by playing, not by formal direction.

    • Younger children hone social, motor and language skills by socializing and exposure to older children.

    • You can do Music Together with your whole family.

  • Private research through the United States Department of Education suggests that long term exposure to the Music Together curriculum will cumulatively support ‘All Future Learning’ for children 0 - 7 (see specific research stats on our FAQ page online)

  • Parent education is a vital component of Music Together.  Learn how to:

    • Track your child’s rhythmic and tonal development.

    • Notice and track your own rhythmic and tonal growth too.

    • Understand different learning styles and how to parent each one.

    • Use parenting ideas ideas to lessen age 0-5 power struggles both in and out of class and have the opportunity to practice those ideas with like minded adults who are also learning these parenting techniques.  

  • Great way to meet like minded parents who value quality programming.

  • An added value resource for free and low cost programming outside of class too!