Monthly Membership


Simplify your life with our monthly membership plan - no need to enrol each session any more.  Simply enjoy class with your friends and favorite teacher while witnessing investment dividends as you and your child/ren grow musically.

How It Works

  • Initial fee to join (at registration)
  • Monthly tuition made via automatic payment using saved credit card
  • Siblings under 8 months join FREE with a registered sibling
  • Ability to freeze membership once a year
  • $50 fee for withdrawal within 60 days of registering/first class
  • At least 30 days notice required to cancel membership

Benefits of Monthly Membership 

  • Continuous enrollment
  • Annual tuition is split into 12 months instead of a lump sum each semester.
  • You get 40 classes a year (10 weeks a collection)
  • Upgrade option now includes live weekly Q&A sessions with Gila
  • Unlimited Make-ups while enrolled
  • You get 4 new Music Together® Song Collections a year.


Compare the Benefits of Membership

  Basic Membership Premium Membership 
Weekly Class
Songbook/CD/Download Code*
One FREE Music Together Dallas program
Unlimited Make-ups
Discount off all Merchandise for Black November 10% 25%
10% Discount off Merchandise all year   
1 Drop In Class coupon, each month, to give to a friend or sibling. Annual value $300  
Weekly Q & A Tuesday nights live with Gila   
10% off birthday party for enrolled child or sibling   
Tuition rate locks in while enrolled   


* One at the beginning of each of the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer (Songbook/CD/Download code) Song Collections. 


Family Membership Pricing

Membership Plan Prices Basic Premium
Initial Fee (includes Membership Fee and First Monthly Tuition) $129 $219
First Registered Child - Monthly Tuition $89 $179
Sibling Over 8 months - Monthly Tuition $75 n/a
Siblings Under 8 months* FREE FREE
Siblings Over 6 years* FREE FREE


*For siblings under 8 months at the time of registration, the regular sibling rate applies ONCE the child turns 8 months. Likewise, for siblings under 6 years, the regular sibling rate applies UNTIL the child turns 6 years. 


Frequently Asked Questions: 

What if I join in the middle of the month? No worries...your initial fee will be prorated to reflect the number of classes you missed. 

What if I need to cancel my membership? At least thirty-days notice is required to cancel by sending written notification to Membership ends on the last day of the month following notification. If cancellation corresponds with the start of a new song collection, you will not receive the new songbook/CD.  There is a $50 fee for cancelling within 60 days of registering (or the first day of classes, whichever is later) and a $45 charge for materials if you cancel mid-session. 

Can I freeze my membership temporarily? Yes, absolutely! You may freeze your membership for up to 6 months. At least thirty days' notification is required to freeze your membership by sending written notification to, including the date to restart membership. If freezing membership corresponds with the start of a new song collection, you will not receive the new songbook/CD.  There is a $45 charge for materials if you freeze your membership mid-session. A $50 fee applies if you cancel within 30 days of reinstating a membership that was frozen within 60 days of your original registration or first day of class (whichever was later). 

How will I be billed?  All billing is done automatically on a monthly basis using a credit card that you will have saved in your account profile. It is your responsibility to keep the credit card information up to date (you can make changes either by logging in to your account or give us a call in the office and we can make the changes for you). There will be a $10 charge for declined credit card transactions. Automatic payments begin September 30, 2020. 

What am I billed?  Subsequent to the one time registration fee charged at registration, you will be billed monthly for each child and or additional class you choose to add to your schedule.

Do classes run continuously? How are holidays handled?  Classes will run each week unless specified on the Holiday Schedule below. All holidays are also marked on our Calendar. 

Rosh Hashanah: September 19 & 20
Yom Kippur: September 28
Succot: October 3 & 4
Fall Break October 10 - 16
Thanksgiving Week: November 23 - 27
Winter Break : December 20 - January 3
Spring Break: February 22 - February 27
Passover/Easter Break: March 26 - April 3
Spring Break: May 16 -17
Summer Break: June 13 - 19

Can I just join for one semester? Yes and no. While we will still follow the Music Together Song Collections schedule, we no longer organize our classes into semesters/sessions, as we did in the past. Joining the Family Membership Plan is the only way to enjoy our Music Together classes on a regular basis. But you are in control of how long you want to be enrolled for and can cancel at any time after 60 days of enrolling (or your first class, whichever is later). So, for example, if you know you only want to join us for the Bongos Song Collection (which begins September 13 and runs until mid-December, you would need to send your notice of cancellation by November 30 for your membership to end on December 31 (so you actually get all of the Bongos classes plus a week or two of the next semester).