Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Refunds: There is a $45 non-refundable charge for cancellation after enrollment (in addition to a $30 non-refundable registration fee where applicable). No refunds will be provided after the first class. Partial credit may be given in extreme circumstances. 

2. Changing Class Times Mid Semester: Class sizes are limited.  Changing to a different class time is subject to space and availability. We will do everything in our power to best accommodate you! So, if a naptime changes, do ask us.

3. Class Registration: Class spaces are first come first served and closed to new registrations once filled. Kindly register early and refrain from asking to be squeezed in.   Annual tuition families will automatically be moved into next semester's class without going online to register.

4. Class Confirmation: You will receive an email confirmation as soon as your first choice class has been confirmed to run.  If your first choice class will not fill, we will notify you 2 weeks prior to the start date and move to your second choice class. 

5. Makeups:

  • May be arranged based on space and availability in any of our locations 7 days a week.   

  • There is no limit to the amount of makeups you can take. Makeups never expire and rollover to the next semester you're enrolled in.

  • In order to schedule makeups, families must be enrolled in the semester so they have the music set.

  • Makeups may only be used by the registered student and NOT a guest / sibling.

  • Unenrolled siblings may use their own makeups from a previous semester if they have any.  

  • Schedule makeups on our Make Up Scheduler.

  • Makeups in a Different State or Country: The entire world is on the same curriculum at the same time. If you are traveling or moving, we can transfer classes.  Ask us how.

  • If you know in advance, please notify us ahead of time when you won’t be in class.

6. Food In Class: There is no food or drink allowed in class for allergy and distraction reasons. You may use a sippy cup or nurse during the lullaby.

7. Teacher schedule: Is subject to change without prior notice.

8. Sibling / Guest Fee:   Please don’t show up with siblings or guests under 6 years old without arranging space with the office first or scheduling the drop-in by using the online drop-in scheduler. Drop-in sibling / guest fee is $25, which may be paid via cash or check (made payable to Music Together Dallas) or credit card. Any sibling or guest over 6 years old does not take up a class spot and is free anytime.

9. Class Participation for Adults: Being musical in class takes class to a dynamic and magical level.  Adults talking in class distract children and other grownups trying to participate. Only little ones aren't subject to the talking rule as that would be developmentally inappropriate. While we highly encourage socializing with other parents & caregivers, we ask that you please do so before and after class OR join MTD Family & Love  to view, organize or suggest play dates outside of class!

10. Vaccinations: If your child is not up to date on vaccinations for any reason, you must let the office know.

11. SMS Text Notifications: Important class information is communicated via text messaging. Only you may opt-in to receive Music Together Dallas texts.

12. Help Us, Help You: To better serve you send us feedback, questions and comments always. We love feedback:  info@musictogetherdallas.com

**FREE for ALL Enrolled Families:

  • Hello Everybody! App: Download the Hello Everybody App to have access to all your music from all your enrolled semesters in one place. Record karaoke videos and send them to friends and family, read all the song words (karaoke-style) and enjoy Music Together® storybooks!

  • MTD Family & Love: Join our closed Facebook group to connect with other Music Together Dallas families. We’ll arrange and post playdates and events for outside of class and you’re welcome to suggest playdates, nanny referrals, recital news, second hand instrument sales etc.  

Thank you and have a wonderful and musical semester!