Kazoo Bundle

Gila Rappaport
On Demand (location map)
Mon - Sun, Anytime
Start Date: Any
Duration: Ongoing
End Date: Any

  1. Music set including songbook, CD and download code
  2. 10 Pre-recorded Kazoo classes
  3. Music Notes every Thursday.  Conveniently delivered to your inbox, you'll find:
  • Activity pages to print and do,
  • Activity videos to watch and do,
  • Parent Education Moments.  Systematically & cumulatively devour research on music's effect on brain & body
  • Music Together Dallas community news and social activites


Upcoming Meetings
12/05/20    Anytime Saturday 12/05/20 Anytime
12/06/20    Anytime Sunday 12/06/20 Anytime
12/07/20    Anytime Monday 12/07/20 Anytime
12/08/20    Anytime Tuesday 12/08/20 Anytime