MT Online - Zoom

Gila Rappaport
MT Online - Zoom (location info)
Monday, 3:30 PM
09/14/20 - 12/07/20 (10 weeks)


What you get:

  1. Music set with songbook, CD and song collection download code.
  2. 10 Live, interactive Zoom classes 
  3. When you're not able to attend class we automatically email you a recorded version for your convenience. 
  4. Optional: Weekly Q&A hour with Gila.   Ask, learn and deep dive into Parent Education Moments.  (Included with Premium Membership)
  5. Music Notes every Thursday.  Conveniently delivered to your inbox, you'll find:
  • Activity pages to print and do
  • Activity videos to watch and do
  • Parent Education Moments.  Systematically & cumulatively devour research on music's effect on brain & body
  • Music Together Dallas community news and social activities 

What you do:

  • Firstly, congratulations for allowing your child the joy of Music Together® a different way.
  • Just like during in-person classes, YOU are the most important teacher to your child. 
  • Do NOT expect your child to sit still or pay attention.  it is not developmentally appropriate. 
  • Do expect your child to move around and get distracted; they are still absorbing all the musical information around them the same way as an in person class! 
  • Gather all your family for class and truly make music together
  • Do your Music Together class in a room with less distractions (not the playroom)
  • Try having your child face you, not the screen for some extra musical bonding
  • Have your instruments close by.   
  • Watch Jenna's video for setting up an instrument box and visit our store for more choices.
  • Spend time listening to music at home together (download the Hello Everybody app for access to free songs)
  • Watch the Welcome to Music Together Online video prior to class
  • Have fun and be silly!  Your participation is key!

Trust them.  They're learning. 

Upcoming Meetings
09/21/20    3:30 PM Monday Drop-In 09/21/20 3:30 PM Drop-In
09/28/20    <None> Monday (Yom Kippur) 09/28/20
(Yom Kippur)
10/05/20    3:30 PM Monday Drop-In 10/05/20 3:30 PM Drop-In
10/12/20    <None> Monday (Columbus Day/Fall Break) 10/12/20
(Columbus Day/Fall Break)
10/19/20    3:30 PM Monday Drop-In 10/19/20 3:30 PM Drop-In
10/26/20    3:30 PM Monday Drop-In 10/26/20 3:30 PM Drop-In
11/02/20    3:30 PM Monday Drop-In 11/02/20 3:30 PM Drop-In
11/09/20    3:30 PM Monday Drop-In 11/09/20 3:30 PM Drop-In
11/16/20    3:30 PM Monday Drop-In 11/16/20 3:30 PM Drop-In
11/23/20    <None> Monday (Thanksgiving) 11/23/20
11/30/20    3:30 PM Monday Drop-In 11/30/20 3:30 PM Drop-In
12/07/20    3:30 PM Monday Drop-In 12/07/20 3:30 PM Drop-In