Backyard Family Dance Party

Gila Rappaport
Outdoor: Backyard Family Dance Party (location map)
Thursday, 9:30 AM
03/18/21 - 05/27/21 (10 weeks)


Join Miss Gila for 45 minutes of singing and dancing
in her huge backyard

Moms, Nannies and Grandmas LOVE IT.   We play instruments, learn, socially distance bond, sing and dance big.  So big it's a workout.  We explore different themes each week & then you get the Spotify playlist for home play.  Drop in (depending on space) or sign up for ongoing classes. 

Cost:  $25 per child
Limit: 10 families only
Where: 6612 Gold Dust Trail Dallas 752552
Bring: your own water, instruments and mat to sit on.  We will sing, dance and socialize from a distance.  Unfortunately, no restrooms available.  Watch Jenna's video for setting up an instrument box and visit our store for more choices.

Upcoming Meetings
04/22/21    9:30 AM Thursday Drop-In 04/22/21 9:30 AM Drop-In
04/29/21    9:30 AM Thursday Drop-In 04/29/21 9:30 AM Drop-In
05/06/21    9:30 AM Thursday Drop-In 05/06/21 9:30 AM Drop-In
05/13/21    9:30 AM Thursday Drop-In 05/13/21 9:30 AM Drop-In
05/20/21    9:30 AM Thursday Drop-In 05/20/21 9:30 AM Drop-In
05/27/21    9:30 AM Thursday Drop-In 05/27/21 9:30 AM Drop-In