Music Together® Online

Let's make Music Together even while we are apart!

We are excited to see your smiling faces in our online classes and to share the other ways that we are going to help your family make music in your home with:


     Music Together Online - Zoom                                                                                                                    Music Together Online - On Demand












 For $89/month for the 1st enrollment and $75 for each additional / sibling enrollment, you get:

  1. Music set with songbook, CD and download code.
  2. 10 Live, interactive Zoom classes 
  3. 10 Pre-recorded classes to reuse and leverage 
  4. Optional: Weekly Q&A hour with Gila.  Ask, learn and deep dive into Parent Education Moments.  (Included with Premium Membership)
  5. Music Notes every Thursday.  Conveniently delivered to your inbox, you'll find:
  • Activity pages to print and do
  • Activity videos to watch and do
  • Parent Education Moments: Systematically & cumulatively devour research on music's effect on brain & body
  • Music Together Dallas community news and social activities