Indoors: Centre for Dance

We are excited to return to studio A at the Centre for Dance! We are so appreciative to the owners for implementing top notch Covid Safety Protocols that have helped us return to in person, indoor classes.

7517 Campbell Road
Suite 400
Dallas, TX 75248

The Centre for Dance is on the NW Corner of Campbell and Coit, to the left of Marshalls. We are in room A.

COVID Protocol:

  • Temperature taken on entry,
  • Shoes and hands sanitized
  • No congregating in the lobby
  • Marley floor is steam cleaned between each class.
  • Room is 1000 sq ft. 
  • Families bring their own bag of instruments to class.   See our store to augment yours. 
  • Floor is divided into 6 ft squares.  Each family sits in one square leaving an empty one between families.
  • Children are NOT forced to stay in their box or wear a mask.
  • Once inside the class, masks are optional for adults.


For $89/month for the 1st enrollment and $75 for each additional / sibling enrollment, you get:

  1. Music set with songbook, CD and download code.
  2. 10 In Person, interactive classes per collection (40 per year)
  3. FREE access to all On Demand resources  
  4. Optional: Weekly Q&A hour with Gila.   Ask, learn and deep dive into Parent Education Moments.  (Included with Premium Membership)
  5. Music Notes every Thursday.  Conveniently delivered to your inbox, you'll find:
  • Activity pages to print and do
  • Activity videos to watch and do
  • Parent Education Moments: Systematically & cumulatively devour research on music's effect on brain & body
  • Music Together Dallas community news and social activities