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The Joel Shickman Children's Music Fund  


"When Erik turned one year old, his pediatrician recommended we enroll him in Music Together®. Due to Erik’s Down Syndrome, his speech is delayed. As a baby, he barely made any sounds at all! Imagine our joy when we heard him sing along “pa, pa, pa” to the Music Together CD! After only a couple of classes, he was dancing, smiling and “singing” to the music. advantage of this wonderful program  for one year now and I believe his Music Together classes have been as important to his development as his speech therapy and his physical therapy. At class he gets to express himself, work on his motor skills, socialize and have fun! He loves it and we are extremely grateful to the Joel Shickman Children's Music Fund and the donors who make this program available to our family. Thank You!"

- Soli Mercado Spencer


"Joanna was born with an extremely rare neuromuscular disorder that caused her to have disabilities in her arms and legs, as well as her mouth and throat. Because of the orthopedic impairments, activities like soccer, dance, and gymnastics will always be a struggle for her. However, thanks to the fantastic musical foundation that she has received from Music Together, she will always have music. As I type this, she's sitting on the floor playing with some toys, and SINGING! She's always singing! Music Together has helped us make music part of our daily family life. We sing and dance together all the time. I sing to Joanna when she's stressed or scared at doctor's appointments or at the hospital. I also believe Music Together has helped her speech and language skills. She's a very bright and cognitively typical child, so it was frustrating for her when she couldn't make her mouth form the speech she needed to communicate. Now, her muscles and nerves are coordinating so much better. She's talking, smiling, laughing, singing, and her personality is really able to shine! Joanna's medical care is very expensive, so we are SO grateful to the generous donors who have made Music Together possible for her. It has made a difference that will impact her, and all of her family members, for life."

- Laura Spradley 

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