Make Up Policy

Music Together Dallas Make Up Class Policy

When life happens and you just can't make your scheduled class, Music Together Dallas has gone above and beyond to provide you with options.  Here are the rules to keep in mind:

  • Standard Music Together® Worldwide policy is 2 Make Ups per semester with no roll over options.  
  • Music Together Dallas went to bat for our clients and secured special licensing dispensation to allow our families unlimited Make Ups with rollover options.    
  • You may not rollover Make Ups over into any semester you are not enrolled in.   
  • Your Make Ups never expire even if you miss a semester.
  • Make Ups are not transferable to siblings or guests.
  • An unregistered sibling may use thier own Make Ups from a previous semester while attending a class with another registered sibling.
  • You must schedule your class Make Up on the Make Up Scheduler for every time & for every child.   
  • The Make Up Scheduler is an up to date search engine of all available seats.  You may search by class, teacher, location etc.
  • If your class choice does not show up it means all the opens seats are taken.  Classes have a maximum capacity so don't ask to be squeezed in.
  • When you know in advance that you will miss a class it would be lovely if you let the office know and we will offer that seat to another family. 
  • When there is a scheduled break in the semester Music Together Dallas will take responsibility to add an extra class (same time and place) onto the semester. You will not be personally responsible for scheduling a Make Up.
  • Notice Make Up classes are one of many valuable customer service perks Music Together Dallas provides your family with.  We suggest you take 5 minutes with your calendar and online Make Up scheduler to get them organized.  You'll be happy you did!
  • Schedule MORE Make Up classes than you have.  You read right!  If you want an extra class here and there, take one on us.

Did you know?

Attending Make Up classes with a different teacher will enhance educational deductions and myelinate neural connections?  Try every one of our highly trained teachers!


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