Why Choose Music Together®


Music Together is WORLD RENOWNED  

Music Together is the gold standard of early childhood music & movement programs throughout the world.  The Music Together curriculum is based on over 30 years of research in our lab school in Princeton, NJ, where the research continues to this day.

Music Together is FUN, FUN, FUN!    

At Music Together, your child and you will be singing, dancing, learning fun chants, playing with musical instruments, and exploring the joy making live music in a community setting. It’s an experience the whole family will enjoy! 


Music Together is EDUCATIONAL   

Making music uses more areas of the brain than virtually any other activity. Our classes nurture your child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development and helps build confidence, creativity and leadership skills. Children learn important life skills from the adults with whom they share a close emotional bond – walking, talking, playing and even trying new foods. In this same way, we know that only YOU can help your child develop a love for making music. So, in class we are not only teaching the children, we are teaching the adults how to become musical mentors to their child.  Read more 

Music Together is SOCIAL   

Music is the universal language that brings families, communities and entire cultures together. Aside from the fun and educational components of Music Together, your family will automatically become part of a very special musical community. Not only will your child learn from the other children in class, but from adults as well. They get to see YOU form an invaluable bond with other families that only music can inspire. 

You Get to Take Music Together Home With You     
The first day of class, you get to take home a CD and an illustrated songbook of all the music we’ll be working on throughout the semester.  Our curriculum runs in 3-year cycles, so you could take our classes for 3 years and build a library of music to enjoy for years to come!  In addition, new families receive a booklet and DVD outlining the research that went into developing the curriculum.  You also have access to the Family Music Zone on Music Together’s website, which includes downloadable music, coloring pages, musical games, and articles on music development.  All of this is included with your registration!